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Transitioning Into a Greener Lifestyle

Green Living: How to transition into a greener lifestyle
What can you do to help save the environment?
In what ways can you change your living habits?

One of the best ways we can help save money and energy is to convert to a greener lifestyle. You have probably heard the word “Green” around the neighborhood lately, but what exactly does it mean? By transitioning to a green lifestyle you are helping to make the environment a healthier place for your family. There are many ways you can do your part to make the Earth Green. A few of those ways are quite simple changes to your day to day life which we will discuss below.

There is no way of getting around it, everyone cleans. But what everyone cleans with is not always the same. This is one of the easiest areas of your life to start on the path of greener living. There are many Green products out there that are much safer for your family and the environment. One of the easiest ways to switch to greener cleaning is to try simple home recipes that will not include harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.

- Spray Cleaner
Mix into a spray bottle the following:
Cup of vinegar (the white kind not the apple cider)
Cup of water

*Please note if you are not a huge fan of the vinegar smell you can add in a few drops of lemon juice to make the smell more pleasant.

This spray is perfect for everywhere in your home from the kitchen counters to the bathroom toilet. Vinegar is considered to be a deodorizer, and absorbs the odor instead only merely covering them up with a scent.

- Drain Cleaner
Drain cleaner is one of the toughest cleaners you can find around. It contains many harsh chemicals and acids that help get clogs out of virtually anywhere, but it is definitely not good for people and the environment. With that said you can make your own at home drain cleaner that handles those tough clogs just like its harsh counterparts.

Put in 2 tablespoons of baking soda into your drain; follow up with one cup of white vinegar. You will notice a foaming reaction from the two ingredients, when it has settled immediately pour hot water down the drain to clear out the remaining effects. You will be surprised just how well this drain cleaner works compared to others. Plus it comes with an added benefit of being much healthier.


One of the biggest ways to help live a greener lifestyle when it comes to laundry is hanging your clothes out to dry instead of drying them in a dryer. This will save tons of energy once you begin to do it on a regular basis. Many people also state that laundry hung on the line smells much better than that dried in the traditional drying machine.

These are just a few small ways you can change how you live in your everyday lifestyle around your house. By switching to these methods you can slowly transition into a greener lifestyle and do your part to keeping the Earth healthy.

Is the Internet Lifestyle Network Legit?

IS THE INTERNET LIFESTYLE NETWORK A SCAM?Before I answer the question about whether the Internet Lifestyle Network is a scam, I would like to define scam.Scam – A scam as many know is a dishonest scheme. One thing I have discovered when people ask the question if something is a scam, what they are really asking is will I be able to make money if I buy into this product. Many people have taken various entrepreneurial journeys and when they did not see the results they expected, they felt scammed and wrote negative reviews because they did not see the results they were expecting.But what about the Internet Lifestyle Network? Is it a scam and can I make money if I joined? Before I answer that I would like for you to know that I am someone that has tried several business opportunities. 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